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Clever Or Magic Cake


112 gr of flour

140gr sugar

500 ml of milk

125gr butter

4 yolks

4 clear

1 lemon zest

1 case of vanilla


1. warmness the milk in a pot with the vanilla pod over medium warmness for 15 mins. Then sneak and set aside to climate. soften butter and permit to cool at room temperature.

2. Mounting the clean to snow. And to e book.

3. In any other bowl, beat the yolks + sugar.

four. add the butter and shake.

5. grade by grade incorporating the milk.

6. Then upload the flour + lemon zest.

7. lastly with the help of a spatula, blend collectively the clean bits gently with surrounding motions. do not blend too much, because so one can be one of the layers of the cake.

eight. Grease and flour the mildew. Pour all contents into the mildew. Straightening out the pinnacle. Bake for fifty min at 150oC

nine. Cool on table at room temperature for 1 hour. Refrigerate for two hours before defrosting. this is vital to finishing the 3 layers of curd. beautify with sugar glas. And performed!