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How to lose 5 kilos in Ramadan

 How thinnest in Ramadan? A question that many people have when entering the month of Ramadan, and in fact losing weight in Ramadan is not one of the things that must happen because of fasting, as the effect of fasting on weight differs from one person to another, as some find it difficult to lose weight during the fasting period, but it is possible That they gain weight during this month and for this we will talk about some tips that help to lose weight during the month of Ramadan in the following in some detail.

How to lose weight in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity for many people, especially people who suffer from the problem of being overweight, because it will greatly help them lose excess weight. Below we will talk about some weight loss tips in some detail:

1. Avoid satiety to the point of satiety

If you pay close attention while eating to your stomach, this means that you will notice that you have reached a comfortable stage of satiety that makes you feel energetic, energetic, light, and in a good mood as well, but if you do not stop at this point and continue eating after that stage, you will gradually feel full and then you will not become Able to breathe normally and then you will not be able to move your body due to lethargy, heaviness, and swelling.

If you do this more than once and exceed the amount of food that the stomach can absorb, then this leads to an increase in the size of the stomach and the expansion of its wall, and then you will want each time to eat a larger amount of food, and then increase the rate of calorie consumption until you can reach the point of satiety. .

Therefore, dividing the iftar meal into two small meals is much better than eating a large meal at once, because this will reduce the size of the stomach during the month of Ramadan. It is better for the meals to contain the following:

The first meal contains water, one fruit, one cup of milk, one bowl of soup and salad, and any kind of starch.

The second meal is the main course plus soup or salad.

2. Eat more vegetables

Eating vegetables in abundance during the month of Ramadan is one of the most important tips for losing weight, as it has many health benefits that we will talk about as follows:

It provides the body with many essential nutrients, including the important vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

The most important thing that distinguishes it is that it contains few calories, which helps in losing weight.

It makes a person feel full quickly.

It is worth noting that vegetables should be half the amount of food eaten during the Ramadan meal, and diversification between soup and salads is a very important matter that must be paid attention to well.

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3. Choose your drinks wisely

It is certain that the body needs a large amount of fluids, especially when the month of Ramadan is in the summer, and there is no doubt that water is the best fluid for the body, so we offer you the most important tips that must be followed during the month of Ramadan:

Stay away from consuming sweetened juices, soft drinks, and energy drinks that are widely spread during that period, because they have a high percentage of calories, and then they work to gain weight, not lose it.

Drink plenty of water between meals, as it helps to make you feel full, and then you will not need to eat a large amount of food and then lose weight faster.